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Real SEOs Don’t (And Never Did) Use Blog Networks – Blog Networks Deindexed – March 2012

In my years building my own niche websites, I have tested many “traffic getting” methods. Despite my skepticism about Blog Networks, I was still tempted to at least trial these services on some of my own niche sites purely because of the claims they make on their seemingly plausible sales pages and videos. I joined […]

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Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus. A Post by Phil Pringle | Source: Warren Buffet and Bill Gates were asked the secret of their success… they answered simultaneously… FOCUS Whatever we do. Whatever our call in life – distractions are guaranteed – major ingredient in success: FOCUS One to Repin…  

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Build Authority In Your Marketplace Answering Questions on LinkedIn and More

The article I’ve linked to below was originally intended for internet marketers but anyone, in any industry could use this strategy to ‘Build Authority In Any Marketplace Answering Questions on LinkedIn and More’ once or twice a week to slowly but surely build real authority in ANY industry or marketplace… 5 Question & Answer Sites […]

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Leaked Document – Facebook Social Ads

Leaked Document – Facebook Social Ads (mp3) Marketing and Advertising on the web is becoming more and more Social. Each week we are getting further away from the old empty, hype-based advertising and marketing, and moving more toward social PROOF… Full commentary and link to article that prompted this Post: Facebook Social Ads – Leaked […]

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